Flying High Over Skettis Part 3

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Part 3:Skyguard Commander

In this part,you need to go to Blade’s Edge Mountains.You can fly to the Skyguad base at Blade’s Edge Mountains from the base at Terokkar Forest.Just talk to Skyguard Handler Deesak.(You need to be honored with Sha’tari Skyguard.)Chu’a’lor at  Ogri’La,will give you the quest,”The Skyguard Outpost”.If you can’t get this quest it means you have to do the Ogri’La quest chain.There are 2 repeatable quests at that place.

Bombing Run (Bomb Them Again!)

Go to Forge Camp:Wrath or Forge Camp:Terror at the north and south of Skyguard Outpost with your flying mount.You’ll see red marks above the ammo stacks that you should bomb.Get close enough to bomb them and then,fly up,right,left,just don’t let the cannons hit you!

Wrangle Some Aether Rays!(Wrangle More Aether Rays!)

There are Aether Rays around the outpost.Find one and damage it until it has %40 health.Then you’ll see a message in your chat box.Wrangle it after you see the message.

Look below if you want to know how much rep mobs and quests give.


Fires Over Skettis=>Sha’tari Skyguard+350
Escape from Skettis=>Sha’tari Skyguard+150
More Shadow Dust=>Sha’tari Skyguard+150
Tokens of the Descendants=>Sha’tari Skyguard+350
Bomb Them Again!=>Sha’tari Skyguard+500-Ogri’la+500
Wrangle More Aether Rays!=>Sha’tari Skyguard+350-Ogri’la+350


Terokk=>Sha’tari Skyguard+500                                                                                                                                                                                              Akkarai,Gezzarak,Karrog,Vakkiz=>Sha’tari Skyguard+100
Talonsworn Forest-Rager=>Sha’tari Skyguard+30                                                                                                                                                                                                             Monstrous Kaliri=>Sha’tari Skyguard+10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Skettis Kaliri=>Sha’tari Skyguard+5                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Talonpriests=>Sha’tari Skyguard+10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Time-lost Skettis=>Sha’tari Skyguard+10  


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Flying High Over Skettis Part 2

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Part 2:Skyguard Scout

After finishing “Secrets of the Talon Priests”,take “An Ally in Lower City” and go to Shattrath City to find Rilak the Redeemed,then return to Sky Commander Adaris and give “Countdown to Doom”.After this,Hazzik the skettis in the cage will start giving you quests.

Hazzik’s Bargain

Go to the hut in 75,80 and get the book.

A Shabby Disguise

Disguise and go to Sahaak,the vendor at the middle of Skettis.Buy Adversarial Bloodlines and go back.

Adversarial Blood

You need to defeat 4 descendants.It’s easy to kill them if you are level 80.To summon 1 descendant,you need 10 Time-Lost Scrolls.So you need 40 at total.Also,you should’ve kept them if you got any before.This quest is not repeatable.

Tokens of the Descendants

This quest is repeatable.When you slay a descendant,it will drop a token.Token’s names areVakkiz’s Scale,Akkarai’s Talons,Karrog’s Spine and Gezzarak’s Claws.keep them for this quest.

When you finished “Adversarial Blood” and “Tokens of the Descendants”,it’s time to kill Terokk!You’ll get “Terokk’s Downfall”.

Terokk’s Downfall

Remember the Time-Lost Offerings you got?Now,you’ll use them!Go to the centre of Skettis and click on the skulls and summon Terokk.I soloed him as a shadow priest but if you want doing with a group can be faster.If he gets divine shield,take him to the blue flames.You’ll get 500 rep when you kill him!The skulls in the middle spawn 20 minutes after it is used.

Now you have finished all the quests at Skettis.However,there are some repeatable and daily quests you can do.

Daily Quests: Fires Over Skettis and Escape From Skettis.

Repeatable Quests:More Shadow Dust and Tokens of the Descendants.

Kill Terokk any time you can!

Suggestion:Find about 2 people to group with,do your quests and when you can summon Terokk,meet at the middle,slay him and continiue questing!

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Flying High Over Skettis Part 1

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Do you want your own Nether-Ray mount?Then read the rest!You need to be at least level 70 and need to be able to fly with your fast mount.When you are exalted,you can buy:

Blue Riding Nether Ray
Green Riding Nether Ray

Purple Riding Nether Ray
Red Riding Nether Ray
Silver Riding Nether Ray
Airman’s Ribbon of Gallantry 
Skyguard Silver Cross
Nether Ray Fry
Skyguard Tabard

Part 1:Skyguard Apprentice

First of all,find Yuula at Shattrath City.She is next to the flight master and there is a nether-ray next to her.She’ll give you a quest called “Threat From Above”.Go to northwest of Shattrath and kill 20 Gordunni Ogres.After that,return to her and get the “To Skettis!” quest.Fly to Skettis and give the quest to Sky Sergeant Doryn.Then take all the quests you can.Those quests should be,”Fires Over Skettis”,”World of Shadows” and “Hungry Nether Rays”.

World of Shadows

All the Skettis around drops Shadow Dust.Kill them until you get 6.When you give the quest,you’ll recieve Elixir of Shadows.DO NOT USE IT and KEEP IT. You can do the “More Shadow Dust” quest later when you need to.(More Shadow Dust quest is repeatable.)

Fires Over Skettis

Fly around Skettis and you’ll see the eggs at the top of the towers.(They are wiggling.)Throw the bombs while you are mounted.

Hungry Nether Rays

Find a place full of Blackwind Warp Chasers,then use Nether Ray Cage to summon a nether ray.Kill warp chasers while nether ray is out.

Escape from Skettis

You might see this quest on your mini-map while you are doing other quests.You need to escort the guy.It’s a daily quest.

Next,you’ll get a quest called ” Secrets of the Talonpriests”.You’ll use the elixir you kept because,it will make you see these 3 and Time-Lost Skettis!If you recieve a Time-Lost Scroll,keep it!You’ll need it later.

Zellek:69, 74 – At the top of trees.

Ishaal:68,78 – At the top of trees.

Skizzik:69, 82 – In the hut.

Ishaal will drop a book ,”Ishaal’s Almanac” take it to Sky Commander Adaris.


Northern Exposure-Icehorn

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You can find Icehorn in Borean Tundra.It’s level 71 and has 13,936 health.It drops Mammoth-Hair Crown and Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel.Mammoth-Hair Crown is a cloth head item.Adventurer’s Satchel contains Frostweave Cloth,some crystallized items and gold about 15-20.

Click to see where Icehorn spawns.

Northern Exposure-Aotona

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You can find this bird at Sholazar Basin.It’s level 75 and has 15,952 health.It drops Aotona’s Collar and Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel.Aotona’s Collar is a plate wrist and drop rate is %100.Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel contains Frostweave Cloth,some crystallized items and gold about 15-20.Aotona is tameable.

Click to see where Aotona spawns.

Northern Exposure

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23 rare creatures..You just need to kill one!I’m going to write about every single creature listed below.Let’s take a look at them:

(After you do this achievement,you’ll see another achievement called “Frostbitten” in that one you need to kill all of the creatures!!)

  High Thane Jorfus
  King Ping
  Old Crystalbark
  Putridus the Ancient
  Seething Hate
  Terror Spinner
  Vigdis the War Maiden
  Zul’drak Sentinel               
  Crazed Indu’le Survivor
  Fumblub Gearwind
  Hildana Deathstealer
  King Krush
  Perobas the Bloodthirster
  Scarlet Highlord Daion
  Syreian the Bonecarver

Friend or Fowl?

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In this achievement,you need to slay 15 turkey under 3 minutes.I think it is one of the easiest achievements.You just need to go to the south of Nifflevar and west of Explorers’ League Outpost in Howling Fjord.(Look above!)Then,you’ll see Fjord Turkeys.Kill 15 of them and you are done!However,after you’ve done the achievement,turkeys will attack you! 🙂 So don’t be scared!